LA and NY are the First Lucky Cities to Endure the First Motorcycle Taxi Service

Apr 18, 2011

Moto Limos Club is starting the first motorcycle taxi service in NY and LA to help those who are always on the go get around the crowded streets. Similar taxi services have been navigating Europe's busiest cities for years, but the idea appears to be new in the United States.

The club will feature a fleet of 15 examples of the 2012 Honda Goldwing – available with or without a trailer – along with an undisclosed number of Bombardier Can Am Spyder trikes (shown above) if the prospect of a two-wheeled taxi scares you. Thankfully, the new taxi service is reportedly only hiring riders with 15 or more years of professional experience.

Since the club is aimed at businesspeople, passengers will be provided a Bluetooth-equipped helmet for conference calls on the go. When the weather is crappy, Moto Limos Club has all-weather gear that'll keep your clothes dry, and when it's freezing, the club promises to provide passengers with a thick blanket to keep the chill at bay. Apparently they haven't been to New York in January.

Moto Limos Club opens up shop next month in Los Angeles and New York City. Memberships range from $125 to $250 to start, and bike rentals are a maximum of $90 an hour for the Goldwing.

Okay, after living in New York for almost 20 years, and visited LA for 20 hours, this idea would be more successful year around in LA. Los Angeles' weather is consistent- Spring like weather and barely any rain. Reason why convertibles are so popular there. New York... Extremely hot summers, Single digits winters, nor'easters, ice storms, hurricanes, I could go on. This would work best in summer, fall, and spring, but in winter? They might want to hibernate the trikes and the Goldwings.

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