Dartz Presents the Iron Diamond... Why?

Apr 26, 2011

Allegedly, this SUV is designed for women. What women are they referring to because I'm not liking it, not one bit. Originally, I was going to show you the entire press release to this monstrosity I mean vehicle, but after I sat down and read it, I decided against it.

According to Dartz, this is the world's First SUV - Safety Uberluxury Vehicle created for ladies by ladies. I'm suspecting that they were probably blind ladies.

However, the last sentence of the press release that a 4th grader wrote happened to be:

Stay tuned - new trends are coming from DARTZ as Vodka and Girls fuel our brains!!!

They should have excluded the last sentence because apparently these women were drunk off of Vodka when they designed this. If women want a safe SUV: they should get it bulletproofed. If they want a safe SUV that doesn't look like everyone else's: they should get it bulletproofed and customized cause this (see photo above) is not it. Bernie will pass... And if what I happened to write ends up in Dartz's hands, make sure this is correctly translated for them. Let them know that no women with eyesight is interested.

I guess if you have money and no design experience, that automatically makes you a designer.

P.S. Doesn't Dwight Howard drive a vehicle like this?

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