Coverage from the 2011 Dub Car Show, Los Angeles

Apr 5, 2011

Since the "good people" at Dub Magazine jerked me, I didn't have the opportunity to provide original coverage, but since I'm naturally resourceful, I found some decent photos from the Dub Car Show in Los Angeles. Like I suspected, some of the cars looked familiar since I saw them at SEMA a few months back.

Fortunately, the folks at I Rocked LA and Sub 5 Zero had no trouble getting in and here's some photos.

(Saw this car at SEMA)

(I love how realistic the girls look on this car)

But my favorite (based on these photos), goes to...

Between the metallic white paint with silver flecks and the incredible attention to detail is what won me over. If only there were interior shots as well.

Well Los Angeles, maybe next year... Who are we kidding. Fool me once, I'm not going to try again with DUB: LA. The only way I'll set foot inside of the Los Angeles Convention Center for the Dub Car Show if a certain LA rapper performs and I can go in with him.


  1. Oh yeah, that white and silver combo rocks that car out. While the vehicle has a bit of bulk, it only serves to make the silver decor more prominent. It's a car that has "class" written all over it...

    -Tari Ledsome

  2. Hey Tari...

    To each it's own... But customizations done to vehicles aren't designed to appeal to everyone.


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