Part IV of Wrecked Exotics and the Poor Range Rovers that had to suffer

Jun 23, 2010

So I tuned back into Wrecked Exotics and out of all the Range Rover stories, I felt bad for one driver and passenger.

This story made me mad. I hope the victims' family cursed out the driver of the Lexus and sued them for everything they had and then some. Don't kill the children, or even the adults. I would have beaten down the driver... in front of the cops. I'm getting mad over people I don't know. I'm moving on...

Now for the other stories, forget it. Why should I feel sorry if you can't handle driving fast and losing control of your SUV??? But to the Range Rover Dealerships, you might want to do an inspection of those you hire.

Basically, don't let hired help drive your SUV, even if you do trust them.

Who knew that a Range Rover can demolish a building???

Stolen Range Dumped in Water...

If you can't handle driving fast... Those poor 24" wheels.

How can you NOT see a stopped car??? And I don't want to hear any excuses either.

This story was funny cause the driver ran away. I wonder if he got caught.

This couldn't be helped. This story actually could be excused.

The last two stories are the reason why car dealerships should give a more thorough test for their new hires....

TWO Land Rover Employees not paying attention and ran head first into each other. Who would have thunk it???

And the final story:

Need I say anything more? And you know the driver got fired...

There's way more stories over on the Wrecked Exotics Website

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