Part III: Wrecked Exotics and the Porsche Cayennes That Resemble Bacon

Jun 3, 2010

So... I was cruising the Porsche Cayenne gallery on Wrecked Exotics site, and I'm a little scared. I don't know what is it about that vehicle that makes non-Americans lose their minds. The majority of the accidents were performed outside of the United States, Thank God.

The reason why I said that the Cayennes resemble bacon because a lot of them caught on fire. But there's an array of accidents so I decided to compose my top 10... and click on the photos to get the stories.

This was just dumb. Cayennes may be SUVs but they're not recommended for off-roading OR for heavy banks of snow. That's why they make H2s...

This is why I watch the service people when I get my vehicle service, and I suggest for you to do the same. If you don't, your vehicle could look like this Cayenne.

Watch it around loading ramps, cause if you don't.... Voila

An extra crispy Cayenne. So the owner was in the mall shopping and when they came outside, they found their Cayenne cooking. That sucks...

The driver had a choice of hitting a deer or driving into a swamp. Guess what they chose? Better them than me cause Bernie can't swim.

This is what happens when you loan your vehicle to someone who doesn't have insurance.

This Cayenne is done for.

Not all females are bad drivers, but she clearly is...

Another blackened Cayenne.

They say that a "container" fell from a truck onto the Cayenne. That container had to be a big gasoline-filled one.

I know I was going to highlight 10, but these final three though...

Of course, this went down outside of Boston. But this person crashed into the pole and they had to take the pole along with the car. So not only can they not play baseball, but... let me stop. But I'm not fond of Boston. Go Yankees!!!

This Cayenne rolled over and the top came off. But you know, it doesn't look bad as a convertible.

And this is why you don't get into fights with bouncers.

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