KB's Gucci Honda Civic

Jun 11, 2010

Import cars will never go out of style. While I was at the D&D Kustoms Car Show, I'd figured that I should interview one of the employees, especially one with a customized car.

Enters KB and his 1999 Honda Civic EX. Out of all of the types of vehicles, imports have the most aftermarket accessories and parts, but I wonder if Honda has it's own car show. If it's not in Japan, chances are that'll be on Long Island. I don't know what it is with Honda and Long Island. I can say that, cause you'se know I grew up on Long Island.

Anyway, enough about my childhood, back to KB and his Civic.

Video time.... Talk to us, KB.

I'm dying to see how that TV is gonna look in there. But I am wondering what KB stands for.

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