Trevion's VW Beetle

Jun 18, 2010

At first sight, I automatically thought that this was a chick's car, but it's not. I'm still at the Stuntfest Car Show and I come across this Customized VW Beetle. My first thought was "Awww, it's so cute". I talked to Ross, who works at Finesse Auto Wurks located outside of Atlanta and he said the client wasn't there, but I can take photos and come by the shop to get whatever else I need...

So I did. I went down Moreland Ave to Finesse Auto Wurks. I didn't know Moreland Ave was so long, cause usually when I'm on that road, I'm either in Little 5 Points, that shopping center that has the Target and the Barnes and Noble, or the Dance Studio that I sometimes frequent. Back to Finesse Auto Wurks since you guys keep getting me sidetracked.

So at the shop, I was able to be reunited with Ross as well as meeting the shy, bashful owner of the VW Beetle. I talked to him for a good hour and a half before I interviewed him, but he allowed me to get all the interior photos I want. Of course, you can only get so many in a VW Beetle.

Of course the hardest part of photographing the interior is climbing around the interior. Isn't it cute. When you watch the video, make sure you hear what he named the car.

I wonder if he kept the name??? And he also owns this car as well.

While he was talking to me, he told me about how he doesn't like to draw attention to himself, but yet he has two cars (and another one in the making) painted in such vibrant colors...

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