Ridin Music: My Favorite Rapper's Alive Debut Album Anniversary

Jun 25, 2010

(This is the "2 dots over the Y, Jay-Z")

There's good albums, there's great albums, and there's classic albums. This, my friend, is a classic album that was released 14 years ago on this very day. Most debut albums are usually great albums or flops, rarely classics. But Jay did it right, and he didn't write down any of his rhymes, which even in 2010, is still rare.

All Reasonable Doubt is just Jay painting a picture about how his life was up to 1996, in which it was hustling in Brooklyn's Marcy Projects.

(Photo by Chris Buck. The original one is much stronger which was a black and white photo)

My favorite song on the entire album was originally suppose to be one verse, but at the 11th hour, Jay came up with the second verse. I think he should have just left with the first verse and with DJ Clark Kent talking. The second shortest song on the album, "Cashmere Thoughts" explained his financial goals in less than three minutes. But if you need help on deciphering the song, Cashmere Thoughts Lyrics

Jay-Z - Cashmere Thoughts
Found at abmp3 search engine

The only way Reasonable Doubt could have been better is if they added "In My Lifetime (Remix)" on the album. And if you don't believe me,

See I told you. And yes, this album is in the 'Voy, and it will remain in there.

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