Best way to lower your insurance... and you'se don't have to leave home to do it

Jun 15, 2010

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Real talk, I'm gonna be honest and personal right now. And you'se might want to click on the above picture.

I bought my Envoy as a gift to myself for my 23rd birthday. I had to get a new insurance policy since all my previous cars were under my parents' policy. I'm not gonna disclose what my car payment is, but my insurance policy was MORE than my car note at $267... a month. Yes, that's $267 a month for a 23 year old female with a SUV living in Chatham County (GA), who took driver's ed.

Now let's get into what drove the price up. I got my license at the age of 18 in New York. In NY, my record was clean, but once I moved to Savannah, forget it. In 2005, I got a speeding ticket where I did 30 mph over the speeding limit. It was really 40, but I talked it down. Less than 8 weeks later, I got another one for 15 mph over the limit. Combine the two, and add a fine from an accident 2 years before and that's how I was quoted $267 through Geico.

I talked a friend of mine and he told me about how he took an online defensive driving course, and he has Geico as well. It lowered his considerably, and with his suggestion, I logged on to the same exact site,, paid the $41.25 and took the test. It didn't take long, although I was a freaked out in the beginning because the first photo they showed was one of an Envoy that was in a bad car accident.

Once I completed it and got the certification in the mail, I called up good ol' Geico. Geico told me that taking the course did help my insurance rate. It went from $267 down to $137 a month.

Basically I spent $41.25, took an online course and PASSED, and saved over a $100 a month. Since then, I haven't had any speeding tickets, but I did have a little run-in with Gwinnett County 5-0, and switched over to Allstate where my insurance is down to $113 a month.

If I can take an online defensive driving course, passed, and saved money from it, anyone can. You may not have as many points as I do (does anyone have as many points as I do), but it doesn't hurt to inquire with your insurance company. Ask them if ________________ (insert insurance company here) honors National Safety Council site for Online Defensive Driving. I can tell you right now that Geico honors it.

I'm a very suspicious person, I've been swindled before, but this does work, and I do co-sign it.

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