Don't Judge Me on This Ridin Music...

Jun 21, 2010

Don't get me wrong, he's a sweet person. Well he is to me anyway.

I'm on my way home at three something in the morning, and I'm listening to Hot 107.9, and they play Waka Flocka's new song "Hard In The Paint". I'm like "Is this who I think it is?", seriously I was shocked. After playing it in the 'Voy, I came to the conclusion that I really like it. But I will say this, the beat is harder than the lyrics, with that said, I will not be surprised if this same exact beat is on someone else's mixtape. Oh Jeezy... (Please realize that I only said Jeezy's name because I would like to hear how this beat with his lyrics would sound together. I'm not trying to rehash anything).

Side note: On the day of this photo, I learned that Waka was born in New York. But he left at an early age, way back when Biggie was alive, The World Trade Center was still standing, and Rudy Giuliani was actually liked as the Mayor of New York City. Yes kids, it was that long ago.

So the player is below, and to download it, click on my photo above.

And like the title of this post says, Don't Judge Me on My Choice of Ridin Music.

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