Wrecked Exotics and the Hummer H2's on them...

May 13, 2010

I'm all for any blog that highlights the stupidity of some people. But Wrecked Exotics is a blog about exotic vehicles that are wrecked. The worst part about the site isn't the photos, it's the backstories that accompany the photos.

If a photo doesn't have a story, you can tell whether or not if the driver of the exotic vehicle is at fault. Bernie's a compassionate girl to an extent. Some of the cars on there weren't at fault. There's cars that were hit by other cars, 18 Wheelers, etc. I'll feel bad if and only if that was the case. However, if you're in the majority, where you wrecked your car because you decided to do 130 mph in the snow in a BMW 645ci, and then you're sitting there looking like Boo-Boo the Fool cause you're wondering why you lost control of the vehicle. Or your drunk behind decided to drive a Mercedes S550 and flipped it over. OR if the top speed of your Bentley Continental GT's top speed is 180 mph, and you decided to test that 180 mph on a dark road, and you crash into a guardrail, and then you're sitting on the side of the road looking like Boo-Boo the Fool explaining to the cops why your Bentley is all twisted in the guardrail.

And after going to the site, there's people who's actual goals is to have their car appear on the site.

Is it me, or are the majority of these accidents take place in Russia??? Note to self, don't ever drive in Russia or Brighton Beach in Brooklyn. (Large population of Russian speaking individuals)

I'm kicking things off by highlighting the hardest vehicle to total... The Hummer H2, and surprisingly, there's people who has met the challenge WITHOUT an 18-wheeler involved. If you click on the photo, it'll take you to the Wrecked Exotic page of that vehicle.

This is what happens when you run into a parked car... in Russia.

Hydroplaned and rolled over. You know this happened in the US... look at the wheels.

I have no idea what they're putting down in Saudi Arabia, but they can have it.

In Sacramento, Cali, the idiot broke the wheel off, and click on the photo to find out how they did it.

Everyone walked away safe with minor cuts, but I wouldn't ride in a vehicle with them.

Now for the Top 3:

At number three, this Portugese idiot pushed it to the limit in this yellow Hummer...

At number two: this Denver smuck decided to speed through a construction zone and had a run in with some cement with this once lovely white Hummer...

And at number one: This New Jersey trick decides to drive fast in the rain over a small bridge and look what happens to the black Hummer...

P.S. Drivers like her is the reason why New Jersey is still holding strong of having the highest insurance in the country and why Hummer H2 are one of the highest insured vehicles. And I hope the kids wasn't in the car with her. And did you get a look at the last sentence: "But no worries, she's getting another one in white :)" Wherever Bernardsville is in NJ (Note: middle of nowhere), I will not be driving in the rain over there.

And you know I'm coming back with more...

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