Jarvis' 1971 King Kong Chevy Impala

May 26, 2010

I was heading out of the D&D Kustoms Car Show and I turned around and saw this big purple Donk. I knew it looked familiar but I couldn't exactly place where I've seen it before.

Have you ever seen a bunch of crows feasting on a freshly killed animal??? Well, once this purple donk was parked, everyone who was in the parking lot surrounded this car. I'd figured that I might as well be nice and let everyone get the photos they wanted and then I get the photos that I needed.

What I loved most about the vehicle was the paint job, the graphics, and that uber heavy engine. **Note: Jarvis doesn't tell me how many horses are in that engine, but because I read Rides Magazine and I have the May 2010 issue that features this vehicle, I'm not going to say the exact amount, but it does have over a 1,000. You've been warned.

You know what, since Jarvis' interview had so much personality, I'm not going to even say anything. I'll let him talk about it. The photos are first, and then the complete run through is on the bottom.

Ain't it pretty??? Check out Jarvis' Interview below...

P.S. Is it me, or it's always the shop owners that has the best customized vehicles. I'm gonna test that theory at Stuntfest and the Funk Flex Car Shows...

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