Recapping 2010 D&D Kustoms Car Show

May 25, 2010

On May 22nd, D&D Kustoms (Car Customizing Shop located outside of Atlanta) had their annual car show. I didn't hear about it in advance. Actually, I went out to Stonecrest Mall for an event that 95.5 The Beat was having inside. I was looking for a parking spot to park the 'Voy and I happened up on this show.

This was my first time covering their show. I've seen them around, but I honestly didn't know that they put on their own shows.

Lowriders were in effect...

Now if you go to D&D Kustoms Car Show Gallery @, you'll see 9 vehicles that has multiple photos I didn't show in this post, and that's because those are the 9 owners that I interviewed which will be coming up shortly... The guy with the Baby Blue Hummer gave me his interview in Spanish, and I'm gonna post it, even though I couldn't understand him.

All in all, the car show was okay. They should have promoted it better. If they did, more cars would have been there. Interviews are coming soon!!!

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