What has four wheels, 621 horsepower, and costs $280,000

May 27, 2010

Give up? The new 2011 Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible.

(Thanks Car and Driver for photographing my new boy toy)

Let’s talk specs.

6l W-12 Engine with twin turbos that has 621 horsepower. This is the first Bentley that’s capable of running on both gas and E85 ethanol. So with all that horsepower, that means that this Bentley can go from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds (0-100 in 8.9 seconds) and the highest speed is 202 mph. Yes, this is the fastest and the most powerful Bentley off of the assembly line. And the combined fuel economy is 14.4 mpg. So with Bernie behind the wheel, it’ll be 12 mpg.

There are some cosmetic differences between the Continental Supersports vs. the Continental GT. Differences like the smoked steel finish on the radiator, lower grille, and hood vents finished with a new physical vapor deposition process. Instead of using the traditional wood trim, it is replaced with carbon fiber pieces and Bentley also used Sparco bucket seats instead of Bentley seats which the Sparco seats are 100lbs lighter.

Now why does Bernie like this: Unlike the Bentley Continental GT, Continental GTC, Continental GT Speed, and the Continental GTC Speed, the Supersports Coupe and Convertible doesn’t have back seats. That means only two people can ride in it. Prefect, which means a bunch of people can’t try and jump in,.

The ‘vert will be available July 2010. And I’m more than positive that Manhattan Motorcars (on 11th Ave where the big boys get their toys) has a looooooooong list of folks waiting. Lucky them…

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