Tiny and Monica Better Stop By Their Neighborhood Porsche Dealership...

May 3, 2010

So after less than a year in production, all of the Porsche Panameras have been recalled. It's not as serious as Toyota's recalls, but it's still serious.

Porsche said all 11,300 Panameras would be brought to the mechanic due to faulty seatbelt mounts...

Hey Tiny, if you want to boost the power of your Panamera, something new has come out. Hennessey has come out with a performance package which consists of bigger turbochargers and intercoolers, sport exhaust system, high performance air intake system and some software upgrades for the engine’s ECU.

That previous sentence just meant that once the package is installed onto the car, it bumps the performance form the standard 500 horsepower up to a 800 horsepower.

Please note that if you go for this, I am not held responsible for all potential speeding tickets. Thank you, and good night...

P.S. 2010 is the year of the Automotive Recalls. When GMC has them, then I'll be scared.

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