Part V of Wrecked Exotics and the Rolls Royce Phantoms That Met With An Early Death

May 18, 2011

I haven't visited the Wrecked Exotics website in awhile, and I see that not much has changed. It's sad that people would shamelessly total an exotic vehicle.

The luxury car that's on display today will be the Rolls Royce Phantom, where the suggested MSRP is roughly a half a million dollars. But some people don't care, and looked what happened to them...

I wanted to show the worse ones of the bunch. The majority of the damaged Phantoms weren't bad. You could still operate them, but then again, who wants to drive a scratched Phantom. For the story, just click on the photos.

I'm positive that this was the only Phantom in Jackson, Mississippi...

This is NOT the result of a bitter chick seeing revenge.

Someone in Russia abandoned a customized Phantom Centurion...

If I were in this situation, the cops would have been pulling me off of the person who hit me.

Russia's hood. Owners of Phantoms getting into shootouts...

Note to self: Do not compete in the Gumball 3000 Rally in a Phantom. Or if I do, do not crash into a guardrail.

This didn't happen in the United States...

All I could do is shake my head or text messaging language "SMH"

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