What Legends Are Made Of: The Legendary Convertible Bertt

Aug 12, 2010

The Legendary Convertible Bertt is an established brand out of Atlanta that is creating their own lane as far as blending muscle cars and affordable fashion. Primarily a men's line (women's line is coming soon) that consists of T-Shirts and Racing Shirts that incorporates the young and old aspects of the muscle car culture. Convertible Bertt is well known for designing the "I Am the Street Dream" shirt that was worn by Young Jeezy.

I had the opportunity to interview D. Mapp, owner of Convertible Bertt and he provided a better insight into the history of the brand, his love of muscle cars, and what's next out of the Convertible Bertt empire.

Of course, I included my favorites out of the house of Convertible Bertt, and click on the photo for more information...

(This hat has been seen on Lil' Wayne on his Behind the Music on VH-1...)

Don't sleep on Convertible Bertt... After all, they did say "We would rather fail at trying to succeed at something different, than succeed for about two weeks in doing something everyone else is doing."

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