This Chrysler 300 Reminds Me Of Home...

Aug 10, 2010

One thing about me is that I'm very proud of where I was born and raised. I spent close to 19 years in New York and it make me the eccentric (polite version of strange) person that I am today. I love most things New York. I don't like the insane cost of living, (if it wasn't for that, I would be typing this in a Borders in NY instead of a Borders in Atlanta) and I really could care less for this guy, and a few other things. But like most New Yorkers, I do embrace most things NY even down to the New York Accent that I'm still holding on to and I have a huge sense of pride for the Empire State.

At the DUB show in Englishtown, I came across this Chrysler 300 that reminded me of what I've been holding on to since September 13, 2002 (the day I left NY for good). It was a car that highlighted different landmarks in NY. Even though the owner wasn't fluent in English, he was able to find his friend for me to talk to.

A day I will never forget

I'm not sure how the angels play a part in it, but okay.

And yes, Yankee Stadium is airbrushed on the rear bumper. Look for it in the video, and the soundtrack makes me feel like I'm outside of Grandma's house in the Bronx...

Now the interesting part is that you CAN rent this car for $65. And since I'm the person that I am, don't be surprised if I rent this the next time I go home. I wonder if I can get the CD that he was playing as an addition to the car. But for more rental info on Manny's Chrysler 300, check out his myspace or shoot him an email at

*sighs* I love and miss New York...

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