Recapping the 2010 NOPI/HIN Atlanta

Aug 3, 2010

NOPI returned to Atlanta!!!! After three long years, this time, they teamed up with Hot Import Nights and came back to the Atlanta Motor Speedway on July 31 and August 1. Unfortunately, I had a prior engagement, so I could only go out there on August 1. But there's a part of me that is thinking that Saturday had a better turn out than Sunday. I do know that I missed Jasiel (Yung Joc to you guys), but I see him a lot around Atlanta.

I've said this many times that the 2007 NOPI was my first car show and how I thought the show was just the Funkmaster Flex Car Show. But I enjoyed myself because there were soooooo many cars. There was a variety, but they were mostly imports.

NOPI came back, but this year was a little different. It was smaller because some of the people who usually come were a little apprehensive towards the turnout. It was like I expected, mostly imports. When I was hearing about guys' thoughts about NOPI, they were a bit let down cause it was mostly an import type show. There's less Crown Victorias, Chargers, early 80's vehicles, etc but there's more Hondas, Scions, Mitsubishis. It was like I never left New York.

Let's take a looksy.

Reminds me of the days of drag racing on DPA (Deer Park Avenue, it's a Long Island thing)

(I like the curtains)

She's not just a NOPI Model, she does all car shows and she's been in music videos (That's how I know her). Check out for more info about her. Don't be surprised if you see her on here again, especially cause she's from New York.

The Steelers license plate frame ruined the moment. I should have tossed it somewhere.

The owner of the bear wanted me to take the photo.

The owner of this truck said that he loves New Yorkers

Since he said that, I might as well showcase his other vehicle.

So cute

Here's the funny part, I recognized this car from the 07 NOPI. Back then, he airbrushed Biggie, Tupac, Left Eye, Aaliyah and Jam Master Jay on the car. Don't believe me???

Told you....

We all know I hate body kits on SUVs

This ain't your Daddy's Toyota Camry, and if it was, I don't think Sunshine (her actual name) would be leaning on it.

However Interviews from these two vehicles are coming soon...

There better be a 2011 NOPI Tour. I didn't see the Hot Import Nights aspect at all. For more photos, check out 2010 NOPI/HIN Car Show in Atlanta gallery at

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