Slider breaks down the top 10 cars driven by wealthy people

Aug 13, 2012

**Before I begin, there's a huge difference between rich and wealthy. They both mean that you have a substancial amount of money, but if you're rich, one mistake and you can lose your money. Wealthy- you have a little bit more breathing room. Example- Real Housewives of Atlanta- rich (or pretending to be), The Kardashians- wealthy. released a very interesting article, about the people who live in the wealthiest zip codes and the cars that they drive. Most people think that the more money you have, you'll drive a more expensive car. But that theory isn't always true. Warren Buffett's mode of transportation is a Lincoln Town Car. Even Steve Jobs drove a Mercedes SL55. He didn't go with the SLS, he was perfectly content with a SL55.

Kristen Andersson, Senior Analyst at said, "Luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Lexus are the top choice for the well-off, but with wealth often comes freedom of choice. The data demonstrates, that wealthy consumers of today make value a top priority as half the vehicles purchased are from mainstream brands including Honda, Toyota, and Volkswagen that offer the best in vehicle amenities and comfort that near those of some luxury models. For affluent buyers who live in places where environmental concerns reign supreme, the Toyota Prius is the ultimate status symbol in eco-luxury."

So what are top 10 vehicles? Glad you asked...

1. Mercedes Benz E-Class. MSRP: $51,000- $92,400

2. BMW 3 Series. MSRP: $36,500- $60,800

3. Mercedes-Benz C Class. MSRP: $35,350- $62,330

4. Lexus RX Class. MSRP: $39,310- $47,310

5. Toyota Prius. MSRP: $18,950- $39,525

6. Volkswagon Jetta. MSRP: $15,515- $25,795

7. Honda CR-V. MSRP: $22,495- $28,495

8. Honda Accord. MSRP: $22,280- $30,030

9. Toyota Camry. MSRP: $22,055- $30,115

 10. BMW X5. MSRP: $47,500-$87,250

I purposely added the MSRP (from to prove a point. So gold diggers, don't go for the guy in the Lamborghini, go for the guy in the Mercedes C class.

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