Car Show Coverage: 2012 Forgiato Fest

Aug 3, 2012

Last Saturday was the first annual Forgiato Fest thrown by, you guess it, Forgiato Wheel Company in Miami. The one great thing about Forgiato having their own car show because Forgiatos aren't cheap, and people aren't going to put Forgiatos on just any vehicles. From donks, to exotics, to SUVs, Forgiato stamped their mark.

Carcan Studios: Forgiato Fest 2012  2012 Forgiato Fest

Thank goodness Forgiato had the show in Miami, so if you combine quality of paint jobs from Florida with Forgiato wheels, this was probably one of the best car shows in Florida-- which means I'm jealous because I wasn't there.

Carcan Studios: Forgiato Fest 2012  2012 Forgiato Fest

So... because I'm resourceful, I found some great photos (note: Bernie doesn't show off bullshit photography, pardon my French). Thanks to, James Whitehorn (courtesy of facebook), Dell Pierre, ADBC Media, Solomon Lunger (another Facebook jewel), and everyone favorite- Derick G, I was able to come up with one serious compilation. I picked these six because the quality, detail, and COMPOSITION of their photos, they deservered to be shown off.

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