Update: Car Show Coverage: 2012 Dub Car Show: Atlanta

Aug 20, 2012


Dub Magazine continued their car show tour with their latest stop, Atlanta, GA where I'm currently living. If you can tell by the title, I didn't take these pictures, because I didn't go. I'm a little frustrated with Dub when they stop in Atlanta because not enough cars partake in the show.

_GAP5267 (See what I mean)

I'm hard on the city of Atlanta, but I can honestly say that Atlanta does have custom cars, and that's apparent based off of Stuntfest (God, do I miss Stuntfest). Maybe Dub doesn't promote to the right people, but there's a huge difference between the Dub Car Show in Anaheim versus the Dub Car Show in Atlanta. Opposite coasts, but one has a crazy amount of cars, and the other one doesn't. Thankfully Dub took some great photos, so you can see for yourself...






_GAP5645 (I really hate photos like this, because the subject is the car, I don't want to see the guy looking at the car, even if he had the potential to be cute)

_GAP5686 (I love that green)
























_GAP5505 (B.O.B. with his mouth wide open)

_GAP5959 (At least Uncle Snoop kept the crowd going)






_GAP5257 (Debo loves the kids, just not Craig and Smokey)


_GAP5324 (You know he rigged this car do to everything electronically- like opening the truck, hood, and doors and the touch of a button. I hope he won an award for this car at this show, if he didn't, I'm mad for him)






_GAP5037 (So that means that they left plenty of space for the bmx riders)

Update: Dub added more photos...













DUBatlanta2012-107 (Aww, that's cute)

To see the rest of the photos, shimmy over to Dub Magazine's Flickr Page

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