Ridin Music: Clifford's Paper Trail

Sep 30, 2010

I’m never one to lie, but I was never a long time TI fan. I’m a recently converted one. I bought the King album, but that was the extent of his catalog that I purchased. Let’s continue with the honesty, when I’m Serious came out, I was living in NY where a certain rapper was rhyming about Girls, Girls, Girls, and how he had more 6’s than 1st grade was ruling the airwaves. Then I moved down here, and his songs started to appeal to me and it led me to buying his album, and eventually meeting him.

We all know about his life, especially what happened in October ’07. It happened, he learned from it, he’s moved on from it, and he composed a hot album because of it. The name of the album was derived from him actually writing down his lyrics on paper seeing how the last time he did that was I’m Serious.

Ironically, even though Clifford was going through what he was going through, Paper Trail sold 357,000 in the first three days and sold enough copies to make it his best debut to date AND the fourth best selling album that year. Eventually the album was certified 2x platinum by the RIAA (And the RIAA don’t lie).

16 tracks make up this collection including songs like “Ready For Whatever”, “Swing Ya Rag”, “What Up, What Haapnin’”, “Every Chance I Get”, “Swagga Like Us”, the commercial favorites- “Whatever You Like” , “Live Your Life”, and “Dead and Gone”, this album doesn’t fall short. But my favorite track happens to be the shortest track on the entire album- “56 Bars”, and in my cooky, eccentric mind, T.I. will have a hard time topping that song. And yes, this album is in the center console of my Envoy between “What the World’s Been Missing” and “Tha Carter III”.

After this album, he released two mixtapes (A Year And A Day and F’ a Mixtape), a movie (Takers), and another album that will be released one day (King Uncaged).

But yet, I still love 56 Bars. Seriously, when's King Uncaged coming out???

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