Recapping the 2010 Obsessionfest

Sep 23, 2010

I decided to trek the 'Voy into unfamiliar territory into Commerce, GA for the 2010 Obsessionfest. This show was a little different, and I decided to bring some company with me. I wanted to bring someone who has an appreciation for lowrider, or I should say California culture, so I brought Killer Mike with me. Mike is actually dabbling in photography, and he brought his camera to get some shots as well, but he wanted some guidance (a.k.a. Me) to help him out.

(Note: When he's in his photography mode, he goes by Michael Santiago, which is his birth first and middle names.)

I have to admit, I was proud of the shots that Mike took. His strength is definitely photographing people, but he didn't do bad photographing the automobiles either. I'll let you know when he post the photos up, he wants to wait until I can help him go through them, but the thing is, he has to answer when I call.

That's enough about Killer Mike.

Now for my opinion of the show: I enjoyed it because it was a good change of pace that infused some culture into it as well. What I loved about the vehicles would be the graphics, and unlike a lot of customized cars that I've seen lately, they don't use stickers...

For example:

But the car with the best graphics is...


Bam... Told you.

But onto the Cali culture...

(This reminded me of Killer Mike's Tattoos that Mr Cartoon did)

(When I make it out to LA, I'm getting a plaque that says "Bernie" and put it in the 'Voy)

(This Impala was cute...)

P.S. Here's Mike's parting words...

And my shorts weren't short.

I do have some videos to add from the car hop to this post (it'll be up shortly) but until then, for the rest of the photos, go to Obsessionfest gallery @

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