Butler Tire Shows off a Bentley Continental GT

May 15, 2012

Bentley GT with 22in MHT Vendetta Wheels

The guys at Butler Tire released photos of a brand spankin' new Bentley Continental GT sitting on some MHT Vendetta Wheels in 22 inches. Check out the photos and the commentary I have afterwards.

Bentley GT with 22in MHT Vendetta Wheels

Bentley GT with 22in MHT Vendetta Wheels

Bentley GT with 22in MHT Vendetta Wheels

I like the wheels that were picked for this particular vehicle, because it compliments it and it doesn't cheapen the Bentley. With luxury and exotic vehicles, you gotta watch what wheels you choose because it can and will make a vehicle look inexpensive. Wheel design does make or break the look of the vehicle. Prime example: when you see Daytons on a SUV and on a Muscle Car. Don't believe me?

I compare wheel design to the plus size women that believe in wearing leggings and a tube top as an outfit (typically found in a mall in the hood). Just because they make it in your size, it doesn't mean that you should wear it, ESPECIALLY in public. But those Daytons above, that's a Louisville, KY thing. When I went to that "Funkmaster Flex" Car Show and saw vehicles like that sitting on Daytons, I wanted to cry. Like literally, wanted to cry. And since Louisville is close to Ohio, I'm gonna get on you guys too about that.

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