Better Late Than Never: Felix Hernandez's Range Rover

May 31, 2012


In 2008, Derek Jeter said the most truthful statement "The New York Yankees has the best fans". And that's true. But since my beloved Yankees aren't getting their cars customized, I'll show off a player of a lower-tier team: the Florida Mariners. Felix Hernandez celebrated him winning the Cy Young award, and he celebrates the best way possible- having MC Customs customize a Cy Young edition Range Rover.

It's called Better Late Than Never, since apparently I'm late as hell on this customization. Oh well, he's still no Robinson Cano.

1 comment:

  1. Great color and interior! Felix Hernandez sure knows what color to choose. Red is for champions. I love the idea of customizing cars, since it feels like you're really stamping your ownership on the vehicle. Thanks for this awesome share! Keep the cool blogs coming.

    Fe Penley


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