Bernie’s Product Review: Sanctiond’s Tire Glaze

May 1, 2012

I admit, I am a product junkie. I’m always on the hunt for a cleaning products to make sure my truck doesn’t look his age (he’s damn near 10). Yes I’m a girl, but I believe in taking care of my vehicles, and I prefer to wash my vehicles because car wash companies add female tax a.k.a. overcharging females.

When I heard that Mister Cartooon came out with his own product line, I wanted to try it. And the folks at Sanctiond sent me a generous sample of their Tire Glaze. And I used it...

Before Thursday, I was hooked on Armor All's tire wet gel, because Will Castro used it. And if it was good enough for Will Castro, then it was good enough for me… but all that has changed.

On Sanctiond’s site, they said that “This non-sling glaze provides a long-lasting deep shine with a blinding brilliance.” After applying it to the tires, I drove my Envoy 200+ miles. That glaze did not budge. Even when I drove on dirt and rocks, my tires are still shining. As I type this from Starbucks, my tires are shining in the parking lot.

(Still rolling on factory wheels and tires. But all that could change... hint hint)

I had a good run with Armor All, but I’m now rolling with Sanctiond. I do wish that the glaze came with an applicator, it would have helped a little (and kept my acrylic nails clean), but that’s what Target is for (to buy car cleaning applicators).

Because I now love the Sanctiond Tire Glaze, it’s probably only available in LA, which means I’ll have to hoard it everytime I go out there.

If you want to try the Sanctiond Tire Glaze, just click on this link and they will send you a sample. You can tell them that Bernie sent you. It won't do you any good though, regardless if you mention my name or not, they'll still send you a sample.

P.S. Now I'm dying to try their Car Wash, Wheel and Tire Cleaner, Leather Spray, Leather Lotion, Protect It, and Cleaner Wax. I can't do a damn thing with the Brite White. The Envoy will never have whitewalls on them. I'll look like a pure idiot with those on SUV.

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