West Coast Customs Slam Dunked Blake Griffin's Kia Optima

Mar 13, 2012

(Photo by LA Times)

Remember the 2011 NBA All Star Slam Dunk Contest, and one contestant used a Kia Optima to jump over and dunk the ball?

Well, in case you forgot:

Now. That player is Blake Griffin and he plays for Los Angeles' forgotten basketball team- the Clippers. (Note: Does LA know that the Clippers is their team?) As part of his sponsorship, he received a brand spankin' new Kia Optima. (Another note: those Optimas surprisingly ride super well. I burn rubber test drove a turbo one).

According to Customization Giants, West Coast Customs, Blake’s slick new Optima will feature the thin-slat hard wood floors of a basketball court, custom orange paint to give the entire exterior the feel of a ball on its way to the hoop and matching leather throughout the interior. But the WCC team won’t stop there. They’ll hook Blake up with new wheels and tires, a custom West Coast stereo system, and all the WCC styling that’s made the shop second to none.

I love a themed car. Most importantly, I love a themed car that is done right...

I remember my very first car show- Nopi at the Atlanta Motor Speedway Sept 2007, and there was a Ford Expedition and they tore out the entire carpet and made it a hardwood floor inside the car. I wished that West Coast Customs would have done that instead of the floor mats.

Is it me, or ever since West Coast Customs backed away from the show that ruined the art of customizing a car (MTV's Pimp My Ride), they've been getting some serious clientele. And by serious- I mean Fortune 500 Companies.

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