Remember West Coast Customs' Nintendo Cars???

Mar 8, 2012

Last year, West Coast Customs teamed up with Nintendo and created the Super Mario Cars. To celebrate the recent launch of the Mario Kart 7 game for the portable Nintendo 3DS system, West Coast Customs created life-size models of two karts from the game - one for Mario and one for Luigi - and unveiled them at the 2011 LA Auto Show.

So what happened to the cars after the LA Auto Show?

Well, Members of the GameStop PowerUp Rewards program had the opportunity to claim Mario's kart as part of the monthly Epic Reward Giveaway. The kart comes complete with a decorative glider wing, as represented in the game. The Luigi Bumble V Kart resides at Nintendo of America's headquarters in Redmond, Washington. And the Mario kart was delivered to Clarksville, Tenn where the winner, Nathanial Stehley, resides.

Check out the video...

The best part was Mario. Where else would you find someone willing to pose like this?

But ummm Nate- hope you have a place to lock that kart up.

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