Vogue Auto Design shows off Lowenhart's Canvell XJ wheels

Mar 5, 2012

The new Canvell XJ Wheels from Lowenhart Japan Available with full reverse or stepped rim with color options from Noir, Titan silver or the very seductive Titan Gold, in sizes 18” 19” 20” 21” in the normal Lowenhart Widths and offsets and available for all the Luxury & sports car applications.

Noir design

Titan Silver design

The wheel is available as a build to order program so you vehicle and wheel color options can be discussed before the order is placed, the quality is as you would expect from the Lowenhart stable, its first class quality paint finish with engineering and construction perfection all done the traditional Japanese way.

For more information, check out Vogue Auto Design to assist you with your Lowenhart needs.


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  2. Thanks for the Lowenhart logo. I need to make one for Forza Motorsport 4 (yeah, I'm slow!). I only use Lowenhart LDR wheels in the game because they're the heaviest and this allows more class points to spend on BHP - really ugly too, so the LDRs are not wheels you'd want IRL. Have you seen their logo with the lion with the stripey hair? Gross! This one's nice though. Not sure how much I want to make that typeface completely by hand though, but I'll post it here (if it ever happens at all):

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