Tragic Customization: Snooki’s Cadillac Escalade EXT

Mar 3, 2012

I admit, I watch the Jersey Shore. It reminds me of half of Long Island- which happens to be one of the Guido Capitals, right behind certain parts of Jersey and Staten Island.

Without a doubt, the break-out star of the show happens to be a 4’9” girl from update New York (Fact: anything north of Westchester County is considered Upstate New York.) named Nicole Polizzi, better known as Snooki. On the Jersey Shore Show, the cast gets a house, a job, and two Escalades to drive around in. I guess Snooki was used to the Escalades, so she decides to unload her BMW and purchase an Escalade EXT, and gets it customized.

And this is where the story goes downhill….

Now, there’s a stereotype about New Jersey women, and a few women from New York (not me), and the Wendy Williams Show, Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, and the Real Housewives of New Jersey basically confirm the stereotype. They like a lot of pink and animal print. When you customize a car, it’s an extension of one’s personality- and sadly, you can't deny that this Escalade belongs to Snooki. Here’s the photos…

These photos were shot in Jersey City, New Jersey where Snooki and her castmate- J-Woww (who's from Long Island) are filming their spinoff show. You were looking at a newest modeled Cadillac Escalade EXT- painted a matte black with hot pink accents. Hot pink grille, hot pink side vents, hot pink trim. You heard me- matte black with hot pink accents, and the photos are perfectly color corrected. When I saw this, I wanted to cry. And the sad this is, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the interior was leopard or cheetah print.

And this, my friend, is a classic example of when customizing a car goes wrong. Wait, I can find two things that I like: The Hello Kitty Baseball Decal on the back window and the fact that the Escalade came from Long Island.

Give Snooki credit, at least she didn't piss away her millions like the Situation did.


  1. It has it's own unique style. Typically, not one that is favored by many.

    Cadillac Factory Air Ride

  2. Snooki and the gang definitely have a unique taste in vehicles! The color pink is rarely used in a big vehicle. But I think with the right accents, it could work to the owner’s advantage. [Patrick Gauer]

  3. Jersey Shore! :’) Well, you can perceive Snooki’s personality with the kind of vehicle she has. Others may find her taste bad, but hey, we all have our own preferences! :))

    Nicole Vickers

  4. Actually, I kinda dig it! :) Ironically, I hate pink but I love how it represents the girls. It’s like telling people – “Hey, a girl owns this hot stuff!” A pink touch on something black and big like this truck looks cool to me. After all, people have their own style and perspective. We all look at things differently. It can’t all be the same. Peace!

    Mickey Doshi


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