California Gold® Metal Polish: Gently Clean, Restore & Protect All Bare Metal Surfaces

Mar 23, 2012

New liquid polish from Mothers® California Gold® gives that mirror-like shine!

Nothing compares to the luster of a pristine bare metal surface -- whether it's aluminum, billet, stainless steel, nickel or brass. But over time, exposure to the elements, and even the air itself can create a dull, oxidized coating on these once dazzling surfaces.

Mothers® was founded more than 30 years ago with its world famous paste metal polish, and enthusiasts worldwide have given their aluminum and other polishable metals that unmistakeble Mothers® shine ever since.

Today, Mothers® is proud to introduce a liquid metal polish worthy of the California Gold® name. Mothers® California Gold® Metal Polish gently cleans, restores and protects any polishable, bare metal surface to its original high-gloss shine and brilliance using specially formulated polishes and emollients.

For an excellent way to turn up the shine factor in just minutes, you can apply Metal Polish by hand, or with any of the metal polishing tools from the Mothers® PowerBall® line.

Mothers® California Gold® Metal Polish, #05112 (12 oz.), is available at fine automotive retailers and e-tailers.

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