Convertible Fiat 500C... by Gucci

Aug 8, 2011

In light of the 500 by Gucci’s success, a cabrio iteration was likely a no-brainer, and Fiat and Gucci didn’t deviate much from that car’s basic recipe when whipping it up. The 500C by Gucci inherits its color choices from the hardtop version, meaning buyers can choose white with matte-finish chrome trim or black with glossy chrome accents. The Gucci 500C also wears the same body color-matched 16-inch Gucci-logo’d aluminum wheels and chrome Gucci script on the B-pillars and tailgate. The key exterior difference between the coupe and convertible Gucci 500s is the cabrio’s sliding cloth roof is embellished with the green-red-green Gucci stripe; the coupe gets the same stripe on its body sides, underneath the side glass. The Gucci C might very well be the first ragtop with stripes, and we wonder why we don’t see more patterned cloth roofs.

The Gucci cabriolet’s interior is the same as that of the coupe’s, with Gucci striping everywhere: The seatbelts, seat inserts, shift boot, floor mats, and key fob all feature the signature red and green treatment. The 500C by Gucci will go on sale in September, and Fiat will begin taking orders for it in August. Given the Gucci 500 hatch’s popularity, we can imagine that its buyer demographic—whoever they are—will snap the $28,310 droptop right up.


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