Who wouldn't want to design their own show car?????

Mar 28, 2010

I'm dying to do my own show car, especially after my favorite sports team.

My vision would be to have a car based off of the 2009 World Champions and the sports team that has had the most championships in the history of Sports. If you know me, you know I love the New York Yankees, (Hometown pride, you know) so why not do a Yankees vehicle. When I crashed Unique Autosports one day (When they were on LI), I talked to Will's Cousin, Pete, about it and he said that he's seen some Yankees vehicles, but they weren't fully customized.

I googled "customized Yankees cars" and the most customized vehicle that I've found was a Ford Mustang that was up for auction. The purpose was to commemorate the opening of the brand new Yankees Stadium. It's a 2010 Convertible Ford Mustang GT painted white with blue pinstripes and the emblems on it. The interior is stock, the wheels are stock, the only thing is that Derek Jeter signed the dashboard.

(photo courtesy of Absolute Auctions & Reality)

I know mine will be different. Originally I had my heart set on using my beloved Betsey ('94 Corolla) but because of Pops, she met with an early death. So I'm not sure of the make and model of the vehicle that I want to create this masterpiece, but I do know it'll be white with blue pinstripes, white rims with blue accents, emblems and "New York Yankees" written on it. I'm going to change the performance aspect, suicide doors, custom dash, gauges, audio system, etc. I know I'm being general, but I don't want dudes showing up to the Funkmaster Flex Car Show with my idea. Sorry, but you know....

Alright, if you want to see more photos of the 2010 Yankees Mustang, click here (Abosulte Auctions & Reality) to see more photos of the vehicle. P.S. Check out the hotness in photo 74, I'm referring to the tall guy on the right, in the white outfit, and the red hat...

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