Recapping 2009 "Funkmaster Flex" Car Show in Louisville, KY

Mar 21, 2010

I put Funkmaster Flex in quotes cause he didn’t show. I went to this show because I thought Flex was going to be there and also cause I’ve never been to KY. I immediately thought that the show was gonna be a bunch of barely customized cars and that was it. I’m happy to say that Louisville proved me wrong.

One of my favs was the Yellow Corvette. It was actually customized- multiple speakers and TVs in the doors,

Yellow and Black interior, ostrich on the seats,

big screen TV and speakers in the trunk. Look at the photos I took…

Dough Boy Monte CarloCorvetteCorvette
Another customized fav was the Dough Boy Fresh Monte Carlo. I like how the interior was coordinated and CLEAN. Everything matches wile keeping the old school appeal to it.

But the best vehicle here isn’t meant for the highway. This six year old boy has an Escalade EXT. Let’s run down the list…

Toy Escalade
Custom paint job
Custom exhaust
Custom Interior
Tinted windows
Navigational System
Custom wheels and…
An audio system that sounds better than what’s in some people’s cars.

Toy EscaladeToy Escalade

If this is what Franco’s truck looks like now, wait until he gets his first real set of wheels. I’m just sayin….

Of course, there were the vehicles that made you wonder what the owner was thinking:
like the H2 on Daytons,
the hideous body kit on this Escalade


and the Tahoe with the ridiculous rear bumper.

To see more photos from this show, click here….

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