Let Bernie Test Drive Some Vehicles!!!!!

Mar 19, 2010

You ever notice how when you read reviews on vehicles, they don't tell you some of the important details. I, along with millions of other people, live in a city, which means the gas milage is just as important as the MSRP. Even worse, the city that I live in once had a gas shortage, just a few short years ago. Unless is you're one of those "Keeping Up With the Joneses, or in some cases, the Kardashians (You know you watch the show, don't deny it)", like what Atlanta is filled with, things should be taken into account before you "sign and drive". And I hate how most professional test drives are always done on the open road. Sorry, not all of us live in Montana.

For example:

  • How comfy are those seats with you're stuck in traffic or on road trips???

  • How good does Young Jeezy sound through the stock audio system???

  • Can the vehicle handle riding on the BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, for those who don't know New York), actually the question should be Does the driver know how to drive on the BQE. I say that cause not every driver can drive in NY without getting into a bunch of accidents.

  • And if you're a driver like me: How much higher will your insurance be since you bought ___________________ (fill make and model here)

    I gotta know how smooth the ride is, how plush the seats are, and how good does "Reasonable Doubt" and "Paper Trail" sound before I make my final decisions. I know those albums I named aren't Jeezy albums, but as much as I like him, he can't get that much shine. Sorry Jay.

    My list of vehicles that I want to test drive is coming soon, and by test drive, I don't mean going to the dealership, pretending that I want to buy one, and getting a 10 minute test drive. No, I want the assignment test drive where you get the keys for the day or week and have to write an article about it. And I will write an article about it.
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