Interesting Customization: Chrome wrapped Rolls Royce Phantom

Sep 25, 2012

Before I begin: automotive trends are not for every single vehicle. It didn't look bad on the Lamborghini Gallardo- which was still within the same price range of the Rolls Royce Phantom. I'll just show the photos...

*Sighs* I mean, it's just wrong. It was done right, but it shouldn't have been at all. It's too much car to wrap in chrome, and yes, it's wrapped, but the chrome wrap cheapened this Phantom. And when the customizations take away from the value- then it's labeled as a bad customization. Whhhhyyyyyyyy Roadstarr, why????????????

P.S. The wheels are Forgiato's Fiore Wheels in 24 inches. I was so distracted by the plummeting value of the Phantom.

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