Fully Customized Camaro SS By CEC Wheels

Sep 12, 2012

Beverly Hills' CEC Wheels had the opportunity to work on a vehicle that they don't normally get to work on. That's right, they customized a Chevy Camaro SS. But we're going to take it step by step of what all was done to it...

  • CEC mounted a set of staggered 22 inch CEC c884 Forged and finished them in brushed gunmetal giving the already wide stance of the Camaro an even wider feel. 

  • A custom grill by DJ Grilles painted to match the finish of the wheels, helps keep the style consistant from all angles. 

  • Lamborghini inspired doors changed the entire style of the car and giving it a completely unique look when opened.

  • This SS has been lowered about 1.4" in the front and 1.3" in the rear, using H&R's sport lowering springs, giving it a boost in handling while maintaining a superb ride quality.

  • A custom stainless steel performance exhaust system coated with a heat resistant matte black paint as well as some engine upgrades.

Not bad. Not bad at all...

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