And the Chrome Trend Continues... on a Lamborghini Gallardo

Sep 5, 2012

As we all know, the latest trend is a chromed vehicle. Most people use the chrome wrap, but I had this debate (and of course won the debate) with someone on Facebook who thought that Platinum Motorsport wraps their vehicles. Aside from Platinum Motorsport, West Coast Customs doesn't believe in wrapping vehicles. I've said this before, don't let the acrylic nails fool you, I do know a thing or two (really more than that) about cars.

Anyway, Dirk A stumbled across this chrome Lamborghini Gallardo, and had to photograph it. This Gallardo is outfitted with Forgiato's Rasoio Wheels. Check this out...

P.S. Chrome on the right car looks great. Notice how I said on the right car...

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