Bernie's Favorite: Butler Tire releases photos of a Blacked Out BMW 650i

Apr 23, 2012

Butler Tire sent me photos of the BMW 650i that I LOVED the most. This BMW 650i was outfitted with Lexani LSS5 Wheels in 22 inches and Full Custom Body Kit. I've said it many, many times on my blog, I LOVE COMPLETELY BLACKED OUT VEHICLES. A completely blacked out vehicle must meet the following criteria: the body of the vehicle has to be 100% black, wheels: Black, top of the car: black, headlights: Smoked out, tail lights: Smoked out, dark limo tint-- or close to it, and the interior- duh, black. And this BMW meets the requirements.

Thank you Butler Tire.


  1. what body kit, exhaust, and hood are on this car?

  2. What do you do about front turn signals and parking lights?


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