Bernie ends the gossip about Fabolous and the Bentley EXP 9 Concept

Apr 8, 2012

Photo jacked from Fabolous' Twitter

Earlier today, based off of the photo above, a non-automotive blog that is known for having 90% of their stories to be false (Media Take Out) reported that New York Rapper, Fabolous, purchased the Bentley EXP 9 Concept SUV. Now, what they failed to realize is that Bentley, or any manufacturer wouldn't sell a concept vehicle, ESPECIALLY one that hasn't been confirmed for production. I'm pretty confident that Fabolous can afford the Bentley SUV once it hits the production line, but I know for the fact that Bentley will not jeopardize their brand for Fabolous to have a full size prototype. If you want to play the game "What If" to understand what I'm talking about, let's play.

What if Bentley sold Fabolous the SUV as is... If they sold it, and something happens to Fabolous while he's operating said vehicle, then they sold him a faulty vehicle, and Fabolous could sue Bentley, win, and be the owner of the company. That's why concepts are just that- a concept. It's not meant for the public to try, even if about 15% of the public can afford it. Fabolous is considered "the public" because regardless of his net worth, he is still a consumer, and he doesn't have the power to "green light" concept vehicles.

Basically I just said "Fabolous can afford the Bentley EXP 9, but Bentley isn't stupid enough to sell a prototype to risk their brand"

Oh, and no matter how hard you try, the Bentley EXP 9 will not hit the metro Atlanta area. Yes Atlanta does have an auto show, but it's a lower tier auto show. A lower tier auto show doesn't have any original unveilings and the cars that's shown that the current year Atlanta show has been shown in New York, Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles the previous year. What has been shown in 2012 at the Atlanta Show was seen in New York in 2011. I don't rank auto shows, I just attend them... as media.

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