If I ever bought a Lamborghini, it would be the LB736

Feb 3, 2012

(Note: this would be a graphic design project, because this is not a photo. The magic of Photoshop)

My favorite automotive enthusiasts at stumbled across an article speaking of the rumor buzzing around the automotive world. I'm not one to gossip, but the world on the street is that Lamborghini has a surprise at the Bejing Auto Show in April. Lamborghini may be releasing the LB736, an SUV that shares the same platform as the Audi Q7. The official engine work might be a V10 engine that could produce anywhere from 550-700 horsepower. (I heard several different numbers)

Autoblog continues to say that the body is reportedly standard Lamborghini-issue aluminum and carbon fiber, with a goal of a curb weight under 2,000 kilograms (4,400 pounds), and the completed project will go on sale in 2015. There's a suggestion that it might also come to Geneva instead of Beijing, but since the image is a Photoshop – and, frankly, most of this is speculation – don't be suprised if what we see now is not exactly what we ultimately get... whenever it debuts.

I think I'm in love, but we all know I say that every other week.

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