Bernie's Favorite: Matte Black Mercedes Benz... In New York

Feb 8, 2012

I know I've been a little M.I.A. lately, because I'm back in school, working on a certification. The photography market is pathetic in Atlanta, and it's not what it use to be. So I rather get a job in an industry where I can make more money. And more money brings more opportunity to travel around the country for car shows. So I'm sacrificing now with the lack of posting so that I can travel to all over the country to cover car shows. I've always have been a traveling photographer, and I'll continue being a traveling car show photographer.

Now, on to the real post. When I first saw photos of this Mercedes, I said "Awwww...." like I just read a text message from that special guy in my life (I've mentioned his name on here before). ADV.1 Wheels released photos of a Matte black Mercedes-Benz C63 on the mean streets of Midtown Manhattan. This beautiful luxury car wearing wheels that are a ADV5.0 TRAKfunction setup in a 19″ fitment with a 19X9, 19X10.5 fitment. The matte black centers play off the paint while the brushed aluminum outers break up the wheels to keep them from blending into the car’s paint.

And before you ask, this is a matte paint job, not a matte wrapping job.

Isn't this the most gorgeous thing you ever seen? Remember, I'm talking about the car, not the scenery, even though New York is the greatest area on Earth. Just think, if it wasn't for New York, I wouldn't be the loving person I am today.

P.S. My GPA is currently at a 4.08 and I'm halfway through.

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