Car Show Coverage: 2012 Philly Auto Show/ Dub Car Show

Feb 20, 2012

Dub continues their car show tour by joining forces with the Philadelphia Auto Show. Like last year, it was held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. When I posted last year's coverage, I used Tri-State Tuners, since they understand the fundamentals of photography. Sadly they posted three times the photos last year than they did this year, so I used both their photos as well as the photos from Dub Magazine.

I love the theme, how they used the Pennsylvania license plate design as the logo. I see they have state pride, even though the Phillies did lose to the Yankees in the World Series.

On to the photos, and the photos with the Tri-State Tuners watermark is from Tri-State (duh.) and the photos without the watermark is from Dub Magazine. Capisce? (Sorry, I've been watching too much Mob Wives. Renee is starting to rub off on me. Who am I kidding? You could never watch enough Mob Wives.)

(I like the composition)

(Prime example of when selective focus works)

(Balloons!!! And a Hyundai Genesis. Those Genesis are kinda cute. I remember those days when I was 16 and wanted a Hyundai Tiburon. Such a Long Island thing. But Pops axed that idea and got me a gently used, fully loaded Chevy Blazer)

(Screams like a 16 year old girl watching Justin Beiber)

(Look more balloons and a Nissan GTR. Remember this is an auto show in the Northeastern part of the US, they're going to show more imports, SUVs, and luxury cars than anything else.)

(Selective focus again. If you don't know what you're doing, then do not try this)

(Look at my boo in blue...)

(I do appreciate a nice Mercedes, but I'm just not a fan of the new front end)

(Nice way to advertise for the Porsche Driving School.)

(Yes!!! So Gorgeous)

(You know, the body reminds me of the Jaguar, but I would rather have a Jaguar than a Buick.)

(*Smiles* I see that horsey)

(Nice way to show off a Challenger...)

(I hope this wasn't to imply that the Lexus in the background is a lemon, even if the lemons have the same coloring as an orange.)

IMG_1134 (Who needs Hot Wheels when you could just get the Dub Cars. Of course, the Dub Car costs a lot more, but they look better.)


IMG_1129IMG_1035 (Isn't he ADORABLE???? So gorgeous)

IMG_1089 (This is a nice trunk space. It's customized, but it's clean... JL Audio would be proud)

IMG_1088 (Kicker Audio would be so proud)

(Prime example of using every bit of space inside of an automobile.)

IMG_1080 (Don't try anything cause security is watching your every move)

IMG_1036 (This is my other boyfriend. It's almost hard to keep up with all of the boos, boyfriends, lovers that I have.)

IMG_1034 (Even in white, he's adorable. *Sighs*)

IMG_1020 (Still standing by what I said about Chevy Corvettes.)

IMG_1049 (Dare I say it, this body kit doesn't look that bad on this Lexus. But I'm not getting soft in my old age...)

IMG_1056 (You know those boys took her picture to school and showed it off for show-and-tell)


IMG_1038 (Dude, I really want to go to the Ford Racing School, but I have to see when I'll actually make it to Utah. And if I do make it to the school, would they let me burn rubber drive a Shelby? I'm a great driver, I drive just like I'm in New York.)


IMG_1296 (I like this particular hue of blue)

IMG_1292IMG_1293 (YOU KNOW there has to be a Civic or an Accord just around the river bend)

IMG_1290 (*coughs* Still not better than a Mustang *clears throat* Sorry...)

IMG_1037 (Mine, Mine, and Mine)

IMG_1295 (Now I love the Boss Edition Mustang as much as the next red-blooded American, HOWEVER, the yellow and silver combination is ugly)




IMG_1298 (Don't think I'm going to talk about the blue Mustang, but instead I'm going to talk about the floor. They should mandate having the aisle look like a road at all Auto Shows. That is too cute and it keeps up with the theme. Now that was genius.)

(Monster Energy Drink brought the famed Charger)

(The nicest customized Kia I've ever seen, and you know that's rare. But the wheels need work.)


(The new Dodge Dart, even if the booty (back of the the car) is smaller than the Charger.)

(You know, I just thought about how pretty the matte black Dodge Charger with the glossy black racing stripes at SEMA. After seeing that one, no other Charger matters.)



IMG_1229 (Talk about a blast from the past)

(I like the contrast between the black carpet and the white Lamborghini. Really makes it *makes popping sound* pop)




IMG_0985 (Prays that this car belongs to someone who lives south of the Mason Dixon line)

(Interesting Camaro)

(Cute blacked out Hummer, but the MPG is worse than an Envoy. I'll pass...)

IMG_1003 (Not bad, but if the wheels had some color matching to it, it would be better)





IMG_1008 (If I had a motorcycle, it would definitely be this one. I still eat Cocoa Puffs)




IMG_1007 (And we can't forget about the motorcycle that belongs to America's Favorite Guido. *In my Pauly D voice* Yeah Buddy....)

Not bad Philly, but honestly, my mouth is watering for a Cheesesteak from Gino's.

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