Huffington Post: "Women Are Better At Parking Than Men".

Feb 3, 2012

(I guess a guy parked this car)

Huffington Post released a highly interesting, yet truthful article entitled: Women Are Better At Parking Than Men. The shortened form of the article is that a study was released in the UK, although we (women) aren't necessarily better or worse than you'se guys (men) at driving, women are incredibly better at parking.

(Why not use a photo of Amber Rose)

Let me continue. According to HuffPo, "the BBC reports that men rush when parking and end up wasting time and gas driving past parking spaces and, once they do find one, are more apt to park sloppily. A press release states "The ladies' slower approach meant they were better able to notice spaces, or spot when other drivers were about to leave."

(Kimora Lee Simmons, and no she didn't crash that car)

"While women take longer to park, according to the report -- an average of 21 seconds, compared to 16 seconds for men (or, if you prefer a more depressing figure, 12 days out of our lives parking compared to nine days for men) -- that extra time pays off. 53 percent of women were judged to have parked centrally within a space, compared to just a quarter of men. This is largely due to what researchers called "the female shuffle." They found that 56 percent of women will reposition a car if they aren't aligned to go in, while just 29 percent of men bother to do so, the press release claimed."

I agree with this article, since the one thing I do notice on customized cars is scratched rims from bad parallel parking. Young Jeezy had them on his Camaro, and sadly, he wasn't the only one. For the rest of this glowing article, check out Women Are Better At Parking Than Men at Huffington

Now guys are gonna be salty with me since I posted this. Oh well, at least I know how to parallel park my Envoy.

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