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Sep 2, 2011

Wizards Products new, super easy-to-use foam buffing pads. The convoluted design of the Bendi-Buff™ Foam Buffing Pads gives the user greater control, eliminates pad chatter, reduces product splatter and waste and decreases surface heat. The pads offer a Velcro® grip back with an alignment ring, helping make pad changes in seconds with the Wizards® 6” Bendi-Backer™ Backing Plate (Part #11211). Bendi-Buff™ Foam Buffing Pads are available in a 7.5” size for cutting (Part #11303), light cutting/polishing (Part #11305), finishing (Part #11307) and ultra finishing (Part #11308).

Additionally, Wizards® new Aggressor™ Foam Compounding Pad (Part #11310) offers the fast cutting action of a wool pad in a convoluted foam design. Its super aggressive foam material offers the fastest cut available from a foam pad on the market today. It is the foam pad of choice for initial cutting. This 8”, Velcro®-backed pad is compatible with the Wizards® 7” Bendi-Backer™ Backing Plate (Part #11207).

The Bendi-Buff™ and Aggressor™ Foam Buffing Pads are the newest addition to the “WIZARDS® System” of finishing products including: Mystic Cut™ Nano-Sphere Technology Compound, Turbo Cut™ Time Release™ Compound and Finish Cut™ No Swirls Compound, Mystic Polish™ Nano-Sphere Technology Machine Glaze, Shine Master™ Polish and Breathable Sealant, Wipe Down™ Inspection Detailer and the WIZARDS® line of buffing pads.

For more information about Bendi-Buff™ Foam Buffing Pads, The Aggressor™, or any other WIZARDS® products, please visit or call 800-356-7223.


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