Coming soon: Robinson Cano's Home Run Derby Jeep

Sep 23, 2011

(Cute Photo, but the watermark is killing it. Great shallow depth of field. That's photography talk, just smile and nod...)

I'm sure some of you may have heard, but the world's greatest New York Yankees are the 2011 AL East Champions. In honor of that as well as other things, I decided to compose a post on someone. My Ray of Sunshine (other than a certain West Coast Rapper) happens to be Robinson Cano, second baseman of the New York Yankees as well as the 2011 Home Run Derby Champion.

Awhile ago, I created a post about what Cano drives (Ferrari California and Porsche Panamera). However, I stumbled across a project in the works: A 2011 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon customized as a celebratory gift for him. Miami customizers to the stars, MC Customs, are still working hard on the project and haven't released details about the customizations, but I did find photos...

More photos are coming soon!!! Judging from the photos, you can tell what customizations are being done to it, but a detailed list would be so much better...

Photos: MC

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