Guess what ADV.1 Wheels will be the first wheel company to do?

Sep 27, 2011

ADV.1 Wheels was presented with an opportunity that is also a major challenge as well. A client wants the company to create an aftermarket wheel for a Bugatti Veyron, the problem is... no company has ever made them for this particular car. The amazing part about the whole thing is that the owner is very aware of all of the issues and is willing to do whatever it takes to get this done.

According to Matt of ADV.1 Wheels, "We’ve been researching this for a couple weeks now and before accepting the job I wanted to make absolutely sure that we could engineer a 100% oem compatible wheel without any possibility of damaging the car or causing any safety issues.

We’ve had multiple inquires from Veyron owners but none of them were the right type of customer for something like this due to the insanely strict control Bugatti has on any modifications done to these cars. it’s impressive how much precaution they take to avoid liability and any safety risk, I can fully understand their position though. If someone unqualified were to change a tire on this thing and then the owner tries to break the sound barrier and a wheel falls off imagine the liability they might have to deal with if someone gets hurt. We’re the same way with our wheels, we don’t allow anyone to disassemble them and / or refinish them for the same reason, if they’re not rebuilt properly someone can get hurt and we’re potentially responsible."

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