Top 10 Worst Cities for Traffic According to the Weather Channel.

Oct 26, 2010

The Atlanta-based Weather Channel has released the list for the top 10 worst cities for traffic. Although I agree with one of the cities, there's about 7 cities that I haven't had the pleasure of driving in. But the irony is that all of the cities except for number 2 and 1, you HAVE to HAVE a CAR to GET AROUND.

10. Detroit, MI. The center of the American auto industry comes in at #10 in the list of cities in which commuters spend the most time stuck in traffic.

9. San Diego, CA. The San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos metropolitan area has a population of around 3-million. It's the 17th largest metro area in the nation, but it ranks #9 for its traffic time delays.

8. San Jose, CA. The third largest city in its own state, but the tenth largest in the entire nation.

7. Orlando, FL. I guess rushing to see Mickey Mouse creates traffic.

6. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. The 12 counties that make up the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area have a total population of around 6.3-million. It is also the fastest growing metro area in the country.

5. San Francisco and Oakland. No comment.

4. Houston, TX. I guess if you're still tipping on four-fours, you holding up traffic.

3. Atlanta, GA. I guess they based the study on Sunny Mondays. But when it's raining, Friday afternoons, Fridays before Holiday weekends, and those Tuesdays where it takes you an hour to get to a location where it only should take 15 mins, Atlanta should be number 1. And I've said this before: I blame all the Gwinnett County, Cobb County, Clayton County and all those who don't have Fulton and Dekalb County plates cause you can't drive and you're the ones who cause me to have to sit in traffic. Most of Atlanta can't handle metro city driving. See my previous posts about Atlanta and their no driving suburban drivers as well as driving tips in Atlanta.

2. Washington DC. I've been to DC many times, and I've driven through DC too. Yet I haven't experienced any traffic.

1. Los Angeles metropolitan area. Although I haven't been to LA yet (but my day is coming) this seems to be the only city listed with a decent public transportation system. Then again, not every city can have an MTA system. I think I'm the only person waiting to experience LA traffic. We'll see on my birthday...

You notice how the biggest metropolitan city in the entire country isn't on this list. In New York, you can get by without driving, or having a license. Don't believe me? Just ask my cousin- he JUST got his license and we're the same age. Ask my sister too, since she has her license for identification purposes.

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