Effiplus New Winter Tire SNOWKING making its debut

Oct 28, 2010

Effiplus brings to this winter a new winter tire range, SNOWKING. SNOWKING employs a full silica compound in order to deliver lower rolling resistance. The "Horn" groove design gives SNOWKING an excellent water & snow self-cleaning ability. 40,000 zigzag sipes were applied on the tread to improve the grip capability on winter road conditions.

One more interesting feature, SNOWKING also makes its differentiation on the sidewall by inviting Santa Claus to spend the winter time with you.

The initial range starts from 195/65R15 to 235/40R18 with a speed range from R to T.

SNOWKING was developed for Canadian, Russian, and Central & Northern European markets. Effiplus is and will always be dedicated to developing new tires according to different market needs.

If I see anyone in the Southern region of the United States with these tires...

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